Charging Your Jaguar I-Pace at Tesla Charging Stations

Can I use Tesla charging stations to charge my Jaguar I-PACE?

For over a decade, Tesla has been synonymous with the concept of luxury electric vehicles. While Tesla continues to be a leader in this space, a wide range of luxury manufacturers are now giving them a run for their money, creating stunning electric vehicles that go above and beyond consumer expectations. The age of the luxury EV is upon us.

Jaguar is among the brands emerging in the world of electrified luxury. An experienced hand in creating top-of-the-range, high-performance vehicles, Jaguar has thrown its hat into the EV ring with the I-PACE — one of the contenders for the title of best new electric sports SUVs.

But, an important question remains.

Can I charge my Jaguar I-PACE at Tesla charging stations?

Yes, you can charge your I-PACE at many of Tesla’s charging stations

You will be able to charge your I-PACE at many of Tesla’s EV charging stations. However, you need to know which charging stations are compatible with the I-PACE.

Tesla Destination charging stations are designed to be compatible with many other types of electric vehicles, including Jaguar’s I-PACE. There are more than 4,000 of these charging stations around the USA.

Tesla Supercharging stations are not designed to be compatible with vehicles other than Tesla-branded EVs. You will not be able to charge the I-PACE here, but they make up only about 28% of all Tesla charging stations.

What is the range of the Jaguar I-PACE?

The range of the Jaguar I-PACE is up to 253 miles, or potentially even more, on a full charge. Jaguar is working to extend this range by offering upgrades and key aspects of the vehicle’s performance, including thermal management software and regenerative brakes that have boosted the range by over 12 miles. The latest estimates from Jaguar place the maximum range at around 292 miles on a single 100% charge, although working with the conservative 253-mile range is the safer operation as you plan your journey.

With a 100kW charger, you will be able to achieve an 80% charge in only three-quarters of an hour, while a 50kW charger will achieve the same in around double the time. Using a 7kW charger installed at your home will charge the vehicle from 0% to 80% battery in 13 hours.

What other charging options are available for the Jaguar I-PACE?

As well as Tesla’s Destination charging stations, Jaguar I-PACE owners also have other options at their disposal when it comes to charging. You can charge your vehicle at home using the 7kW charger mentioned above, or you can use one of the other charging stations available to you on the road.

Jaguar also offers its own range of public charging stations. All of these Jaguar-built and installed charging stations will be compatible with the I-PACE and are designed to offer the most efficient charging experience.

How do I find charging stations when I am out on the road?

The Jaguar I-PACE comes with a built-in navigation system within its central console. This will provide you with information on the nearest Jaguar charging stations, so you can easily find them on the move.

Tesla’s Find Us tool — published on the Tesla website — helps drivers to locate Destination charging stations as they plan their journey. Using these two resources together gives drivers the capability they need to plan their journey effectively.

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