2021 Jaguar I-PACE – Features & Specs Review

The Jaguar I-PACE is a step towards the future, and debuted in 2018 as Jaguar’s first ever all electric vehicle. With a BIMA Award for its immersive innovation, Jaguar also earned the Gold Winner title for its impeccable design.

The brand new 2021 Jaguar I-PACE crossover, for sale at Ray Catena Jaguar of Marlboro, has seen several exciting updates for this model year and elevates the luxury game to a whole new level. With standard 4G data plan free of charge, a 360-degree high-tech camera system, and wireless charging, the 2021 Jaguar I-PACE is the perfect compromise of contemporary design and classic British engineering.

2021 Jaguar I-PACE – Frequently Asked Questions

There are undoubtedly more reasons than not to consider an electric vehicle for your next. We’ve compiled some FAQs below to help you learn all that the new 2021 Jaguar I-PACE for sale has to offer. If you’re thinking about test driving Jaguar’s electric vehicle at Ray Catena Jaguar of Marlboro, explore the details below to arrive as knowledgeable and prepared as possible.

The 2021 Jaguar I-PACE S EV400 AWD AUTOMATIC starts at $69,850.

Designed and engineered by Jaguar Landrover in the UK, the 2021 I-PACE is built by a contract manufacturer in Austria.

The 2021 Jaguar I-PACE can expect to get an astonishing EPA-estimated 80 city / 72 highway MPG.

If you want to upgrade your vehicle and go green, the award-winning Jaguar I-PACE offers a fast, luxurious and sporty-looking crossover which is powered by a heavy-duty battery with a range of up to 253 miles.

In comparison to its rivals, the Jaguar I-PACE base model S EV400, is set at an affordable price-point with optional upgrades available for those who want to increase their performance to the next level.

After you hit around 5,000 miles, the Jaguar I-PACE has been rated a winner in terms of least depreciation (approx. 15%) among the electric vehicle class.

With its classic British heritage and futuristic design language, there is no doubt that the 2021 Jaguar I-PACE will age beautifully. The modern technology and safety features ahead of their time, add to the long-term value of this vehicle.

What are the new features of the 2021 Jaguar I-PACE?

In 2019, Jaguar’s I-PACE won the World Green Car award over ten rivals in the electric vehicle class, for its effort in enhancing environmental responsibility using advanced technology.

The thermal management system which has been integrated into each vehicle has a smart heat pump which can collect energy from the outside air and the I-PACE’s high-voltage electronics to warm the cabin. This reduces the load of the battery and increases the overall range.

For 2021, Jaguar has updated their I-PACE fleet with a feature that tells you where the closest charging station is and how long it should take to restore your battery. With a standard DC fast-charging port onboard, the new I-PACE allows 80% of its battery to be replenished in just 40 minutes, so you can continue a further 253 miles of driving.

When it comes to space, the 2021 Jaguar I-PACE excels itself. With its redefined wheel positioning, the interior space provides a greater distance between the front and rear sport seats, giving each passenger added legroom and comfort. Whatsmore, without a conventional gearbox, Jaguar have redesigned the center console allowing for extra storage which is easily accessible by the driver and passenger.

Jaguar’s Touch Pro Duo infotainment system allows you to control all functionalities of the vehicle from your fingertips. With a 10” touchscreen which has been seamlessly integrated into the dashboard and a lower 5.5” touchscreen with dynamic dials, the driver is able to control the 2D or 3D navigation system, smartphone apps, and online media – which can be used even without your smartphone. The Connect Pro with its complimentary 4G data plan can keep you online for as long as you need.

With two concentric electric motors, the 2021 Jaguar I-PACE can produce 394 horsepower and 512 pound-ft of torque, delivered through a single-speed gearbox. Paired with the 90kWh lithium-ion battery positioned under the floor, gives the 2021 I-PACE 0–60mph in just 4.5 seconds with a top speed of 124mph.

What’s New for the Jaguar I-Pace 2021?

Industry experts have been eager to see what’s in store for Jaguar’s I-PACE this model year. Competitively priced for its class, this vehicle has many enticing features to offer for 2021. If you’ve been thinking about coming to Ray Catena Jaguar of Marlboro to explore all that the 2021 Jaguar I-PACE has to offer, here’s what you need to know about this year’s model.

For 2021 the Jaguar I-PACE crossover has been engineered with several exciting new features. With a 90kWh battery, 394 horsepower, and 512 pound-ft of torque, there are plenty of reasons to come and explore the all new 2021 Jaguar I-PACE at Ray Catena Jaguar of Marlboro.

This 2021 Jaguar I-PACE comes equipped with a 90kWh lithium-ion battery paired with a 1-speed direct drive transmission. Available exterior body colors are Narvik Black and Fuji White. Additional metallic options are also available, and hues include Firenze Red and Indus Silver. Interior Luxtec Sport Seats come as standard for this model year with Ebony interior. The 2021 Jaguar I-PACE can seat a total of five people.

At our dealership, we’re experienced with our knowledge, and you’ll have the opportunity to explore the new 2021 Jaguar I-PACE in each of the trim selections with one of our friendly team members. The I-PACE S, I-PACE SE, and I-PACE HSE are available in AWD to tackle your next off-road adventure. Noteworthy safety highlights of the 2021 Jaguar I-PACE model are standard lane-departure warning and lane-keep assist, standard forward-collision warning and automated emergency braking, and optional adaptive cruise control.

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