2019 Jaguar XE Lease

 2019 Jaguar XE LeaseLeasing a car like the 2019 Jaguar XE allows you to experience luxury in Marlboro, Englishtown, and Freehold. Ray Catena Jaguar Marlboro features lease deals at our dealership, designed to get you behind the wheel of that next car.

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the XE unique, explore some of the important amenities, and explain the benefits of leasing a car.

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The Jaguar XE Driving Experience

 2019 Jaguar XE LeaseThere’s no question that the XE is known for its power. With three engines to choose from, from a highly efficient turbodiesel to the entry-level 4-cylinder to the supercharged V6, you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for under the hood.

Inside the 2019 XE, there’s space for up to five people, with the standard 10-way power front seats making it easy to find the perfect setup. The comfortable synthetic leather comes standard, but available full leather can upgrade the feel of the cabin. There’s plenty of space in the trunk, as well, for all of your gear, accessories, and even the groceries.

As for the tech you’ll have access to in the cabin, the Touch Control™ Pro system has you covered. Link up a smartphone through this 10-inch touchscreen, and have access to apps, choose your destination with navigation functionality, or read and respond to text messages.

Why Lease a Jaguar XE?

 2019 Jaguar XE LeaseWhen you lease a luxury vehicle like the Jaguar XE, enjoy lower monthly payments. Buying the same car would cost a bit more, and with a lease, there’s no down payment to consider. You’re only paying for the price of the car as you use it, which makes leasing cheaper than buying the same car in almost every case.

Also, when it comes to maintenance and repair, leasing can save money, because when the lease ends, you simply have to return the car to the dealership. The lease may last three or four years, and then you’re no longer obligated to drive the car. Maintenance after 10 or 15 years can become expensive, but since leases are shorter, that’s not a consideration here.

After a couple of years, you’ll be able to enjoy the latest XE technology and features. Of course, you may want to look into leasing another Jaguar. Or, maybe you’ve loved the XE so much that you’ll want to buy out the lease and become the owner. That’s an option, too.

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Jaguar Financing

Speak to our financial professionals and they’ll explain everything you need to know about a lease. Take a few minutes to fill out the Jaguar finance application on our website. It can save time spent at the dealership filling out paperwork, and lets our team get a head start on a Jaguar XE lease.

Look Into a Jaguar Lease Today

Enjoy the flexibility a Jaguar lease can provide you. Visit Ray Catena Jaguar Marlboro to take the 2019 Jaguar XE for a test drive, and speak to our experienced staff about leasing this sporty sedan. It can be the perfect vehicle for trips throughout Marlboro, Englishtown, and Freehold.

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